TLC for LRT: McKernan/Belgravia Station gets a refresh

LRT passengers now enjoy a renovated platform, new platform warning tiles, as well as new benches and lighting as part of renewal work at McKernan/Belgravia LRT Station that wrapped up earlier this month.

The station upgrade is one of many renewal projects across the LRT network this busy construction season. It’s TLC work that makes things nicer for passengers that’s also welcomed by the infrastructure that serves those passengers. Hey, we’re all getting older, steel and concrete, too.

Hydrovacing at McKernan/Belgravia LRT Station. Hydrovacing is the process of removing ground with pressurized water.

Designing work in a pandemic

One of the challenges on the McKernan/Belgravia project was the pandemic.

“Although this year brought unexpected challenges and opportunities, our goal stayed the same: to make sure we’re building safely and efficiently,” said Bruce Ferguson, Branch Manager for LRT Expansion and Renewal.

In May, the station closed.

This made it easier for crews to work safely while physically distanced. Closing the station also meant the work could be completed faster since crews could work during the day rather than at night, which shortened the construction schedule.

Closing the entire station temporarily had another benefit. If only part of the part of the station were closed, a four-car train would be the biggest train that could serve the station. By closing the station, five-car trains were possible, enhancing physical distancing on the trains.

“With any LRT renewal project, we work to minimize disruptions to the surrounding communities as much as possible, while also ensuring LRT customers are able to safely get where they need to go,” said Ferguson.

Reconstruction of the cantilever, which is the extended part of the platform

Platform work

The work took 10 weeks.

In May, crews demolished the northbound and southbound edges of the platform and prepared to start pouring concrete. In June, they poured concrete on both sides of the platform, and installed new lights and benches.

Then, new platform warning tiles went in. These are the bumpy yellow tiles near the edge of the platform that tell visually impaired customers their position on the platform. The tiles become worn over time through regular use and exposure to the elements.

The City has also recently renewed platform warning tiles at Coliseum LRT Station.

Preparing the platform to install new warning tiles.

More TLC

McKernan/Belgravia is not the only part of the system getting some TLC. The City has upgraded multiple pedestrian crossings throughout Edmonton’s LRT network this year. And the City is also redeveloping Stadium Station and renewing Capital Line tracks. 

“We know that the work causes temporary disruptions, and we thank Edmontonians, especially those in the neighbourhoods nearby, for their patience and support,” said Ferguson. “This essential maintenance work will help keep Edmonton’s LRT network running efficiently for another 40 years and beyond.” 

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Editor’s note: this pic and the pic at the top of the post show new platform warning tiles at McKernan/Belgravia LRT station.