Transforming Edmonton Quiz: January 2022

Whoosh! January is in the books. For those who enjoy taking a quick glance back, here’s the Transforming Edmonton Quiz featuring some of the work done for you in the city in the last month or so. Old-fashioned answers are at the bottom.

1. Garbage bin, garbage out

After one year of the Cart Rollout program, the numbers are promising. The City announced that approximately 30 per cent of waste from single-unit Edmonton residences was diverted from the landfill, thanks to people separating their garbage from their food scraps and yard waste. 

There’s more work to do. We can get even better at sorting. By doing so, we can reduce what we put in the average black cart by:

a) 10 per cent

b) 22 per cent

c) 30 per cent

d) 40 per cent

Expect more info later this year. In the meantime, aluminum pie plates? Chicken bones? Ziploc bags? Put the What Goes Where whizbang tool to the test. More to dig into in last month’s news release.

2. New home for Innovate Edmonton

Innovate Edmonton will open its new headquarters in the fall. It’s a place where the city’s start-up and innovation communities will gather, where their new ideas will help to put  Edmonton at the forefront of solving the world’s enduring challenges. 

Where will Innovate Edmonton’s new home be located? One of these song titles offers the right answer:

a) Downtown by Petula Clark

b) Oliver Square by Cadence Weapon

c) Whyte Avenue by The Wheat Pool 

d) North of the Yellowhead by Captain Tractor

Here’s more from Taproot on Innovate Edmonton’s future in its new location.

3. Blade expectations

The photo above shows graders at work in Inglewood last month as part of the Phase 2 parking ban across the city. What percentage of the city’s residential streets are to be bladed by 7 p.m. on February 4?

a) 23 per cent

b) 53 per cent

c) 63 per cent

d) 100 per cent

Watch some of that January snow-and-ice removal work for more of the blading, piling, tidying, clearing and bobcatting.

4. Data for the frontline

“We can never replicate services that are being provided by these outreach workers. That’s really what’s saving lives… We have no illusions of this solving the issue, but we do know this is going to help prioritize some of our efforts.” 

That was Kris Andreychuk, the City of Edmonton’s Manager of Data Science and Research, as he talked publicly for the first time about a new data dashboard that will help frontline workers in the battle against drug poisoning overdoses and deaths. What does the dashboard provide? 

a) tips on how to use a Naloxone kit

b) info on “hotspot” zones in the city where overdoses are occurring

c) details of what other cities in Canada are doing to battle drug poisonings 

d) a summary of news media stories about the crisis

Here’s a short video with Kris, his colleagues-in-data Roman and Clayton, and, on the front line,  Alyssa from Boots on Ground.

And here’s information that’s worth spending some time with, especially if you carry a Naloxone kit. It’s a simple but complete visual explanation of how to use a Naloxone kit.

5. Safer crossings across the city

More pedestrian crossings will be updated in 2022. That means features, including curb extensions, full signals, overhead amber flashers, new pedestrian signals and rapid flashing beacons.

How many safe-crossing updates are planned for the year?

a) 22

b) 48

c) 34

d) 51

And, you bet, there’s an interactive tableau map showing locations of upgrades by ward to help you get a picture of what’s afoot.

6. One (on one) scoop, please

When the owners of Kind Ice Cream had questions about business licences and permits, they reached out to the City of Edmonton’s One-On-One Support Program.

“They’ve been our go-to,” says Candyce Morris, one of the co-founders of Kind Ice Cream.

The program’s advisors help answer common questions, troubleshoot potential challenges with applications and/or facilitate meetings with the City’s zoning, licensing or safety codes experts.

Kind makes small-batch ice cream. It operates locations in Ritchie and Highlands, as well as a production kitchen.

Which is NOT one of Kind’s ice cream flavours?

a) Disco Cookie Dough

b) River Valley Road

c) Butterdome Pecan

d) Lemon & Jammy Raspberry

Kind is one of 3,300 businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to receive help from the One-On-One team since 2016. Find out more on the City’s Transforming Edmonton blog, including the story of Trial and Ale.


So, how did we do on the TEQ#1?


1-d,  2-a,  3-d,  4-b,  5-b,  6-c