Transforming Edmonton Quiz: May 2022

Happy June! Here’s the latest edition of the Transforming Edmonton Quiz, featuring some of the interesting things from last month about this place and the people (and trains and planes)  that make it go. Answers are where they always seem to be—at the bottom of things.

1. JUNO Awards to Edmonton

The Oilers aren’t the only artists on the hunt for trophies at Rogers Place in Edmonton. The JUNO Awards return to the city next year and will be broadcast live on CBC from the ICE District landmark on Sunday, March 12, 2023. 

This year, Edmonton artists won JUNO Awards in four categories: Country album (What is Life?, Brett Kissel); Traditional roots album (Joyful Banner Blazing, Maria Dunn); Children’s album (Falling in Africa, Garth Prince); and, Classical album, small ensemble (Beethoven: Sonates pour violon et piano/Violin Sonatas Nos. 1, 2, 3 & 5, Andrew Wan and Charles Richard-Hamelin). 

When the JUNO Awards were last held in Edmonton, what was the year and who was the host? 

1. 2003, Shania Twain

2. 2004, Alanis Morissette

3. 2005, Nickelback

4. 2006, Micheal Bublé

2. Warehouse Park 

You are looking east from a drone’s perspective at the footprint of a new park being planned for downtown Edmonton. Warehouse Park will emerge from the land where five parking lots now sit between 106 Street and 108 Street, and between Jasper Avenue and 102 Ave. It will be 1.47 hectares in size. 

What is 1.47 hectares in “football field speak”? 

1. 1

2. 1.5

3. 1.75

4. Just over 2 

(The question reminds us that the Edmonton Elks host their first preseason game, against the Calgary Stampeders, on Friday June 3 at Commonwealth Stadium. There’s no question that kicking is allowed in that Edmonton-Calgary battle.) 

Here’s more about Warehouse Park and the people, ideas and excitement around from a story last month on the day it was announced in the middle of those parking lots downtown.

3. Hangar on!

The photo above, courtesy the friendly people with long memories at the Provincial Archives of Alberta, shows a certain Second World War airplane hangar at the former City Centre Airport, which was the former Edmonton Municipal Airport, which was the former Blatchford Field. The hangar played a historic role in supplying material to allies in the Second World War. 

New bulletin: The hangar was last month designated as a Municipal Historic Resource, and will be restored and redeveloped. 

What is the hangar better known as? 

1. Hangar 11

2. Lend-Lease Hangar

3. North West Staging Route Hangar

4. Hangar 4

“We’re going to have a wonderful, adaptive re-use of this building that’s been sitting underutilized for a long, long time,” said David Johnston, Principal Heritage Planner with the City of Edmonton. 

You can do some homework on the historic Edmonton hangar by watching an informative video that tells the story of its past and future, or by reading this Transforming Edmonton blog post.

4. Downtown Spark 

The pic at the top of the quiz (Tentacles) and the pic just above (Chomper) are two of the whimsical art installations that play starring roles in the latest edition of the Edmonton Downtown Business Association’s Downtown Spark.

Through June 5 at Alex Decoteau Park (102 Avenue and 105 Street), you’ll also find Urban Jungle, a playful art installation by Vignettes. Take a swing by! 

Alex Decoteau himself was a great track-and-field athlete. He represented Canada in the 5000 metres at the Olympics in Sweden in 1912. Three years before that, he made history by becoming the first Indigenous member of what municipal organization? 

1. Edmonton Fire Department

2. Edmonton Police Service

3. Edmonton Arts Council

4. Edmonton Public School Board

Here’s more on Alex Decoteau, and the park that bears his name and legacy.

5. Front Yards in Bloom is back

It’s got roots here, and Front Yards in Bloom is back. Since 1999, the Edmonton Horticultural Society, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers and the City of Edmonton have celebrated citizens who work hard to make their spaces beautiful and, by so doing, delight the rest of us. 

2022 is a particularly relevant year for green thumbs. This is the Year of the Garden in Canada. All Canadians are invited to plant something of one particular colour to express their Canadian garden pride. What colour? Quelle couleur?

1. Purple

2. White

3. Red

4. Yellow

Nominate a yard or a space that you admire. Nominees get a yard sign and a chance to be recognized in one of six categories: General, Natural, Edible, Public Space, Tiny Yards and Balconies in Bloom. 

Even without a green thumb or space to design, everyone can participate by nominating a yard or space that you admire. Nominees will receive a yard sign and a chance to be recognized in one of six categories as a household that promotes neighbourly connection and beautification. Categories include General, Natural, Edible, Public Spaces, Tiny Yards and Balconies in Bloom.

There’s more to dig into on Front Yards in Bloom. Nominations are accepted until July 5, 2022. 

Have a colourful month! 


1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b, 5-c