Walk Edmonton Lays Out New Direction in Urban Wayfinding

If you find yourself lost on city streets, the City of Edmonton’s Walk Edmonton initiative is offering you a map. Several, in fact.

The maps, installed into signs in between Churchill Square and the Shaw Conference Centre, are the first step in an overall plan which aims to see a unified wayfinding system guiding residents and visitors through city streets. This strategy would include maps, apps and other signage.


“Wayfinding is increasingly becoming an important part of urban planning,” says Project Manager Ian Hosler. “Cities like London have had great success in improving walkability via a unified wayfinding system.”

Residents will be able to complete a survey on location between April 14 and May 4, but may also complete the survey online or access hard copies of the survey at the Downtown Business Association Office, Shaw Conference Centre, and Edmonton Welcome Centre.

The information gathered from the surveys will be used to develop a business case and detailed strategy for an efficient, unified wayfinding system for for the City of Edmonton. Staff hope the maps will eventually extend out of the downtown core, better connecting neighbourhoods with each other, as well as linking residential areas to commercial areas, parks, schools and transit.