What do we want? Draft City Plan feedback. When do we want it: Now! ?


The City Plan team has just published six policy documents.

If we still have your attention, then we need your feedback.

And it’s not just the planners who need your feedback. It’s the future city of Edmonton that needs it, too, the place not too long from now that will be home to 2 million people whose quality of life was protected by your decision back in 2019 to get involved in the City Plan process.

Quick background: The City Plan is a document that will present the choices Edmontonians will have to make about transportation and land-use options to enhance the experience of living in Edmonton.

We’ve been talking about this for awhile.

The first public engagement sessions for The City Plan took place September 12, 2018. Back then we were just starting to think about what The City Plan could be and asking you to tell us how Edmonton should be built to better prepare for the future.

Now we have a draft City Plan document, guided by the six new policy documents. Where did those ideas come from?

They came from you.

They were created around the guiding values you helped us find names for.

Screen Shot 2019-10-22 at 9.56.24 AM

In the engagement, sessions we heard you say you wanted an Edmonton where you felt you belonged, where you could live, and thrive, and access the community, and preserve and create. Those values are now the chapters of the draft City Plan.

Please take some time to read each chapter. Let us know what you think.

As well, we have a new network map online that lets you visualize what The City Plan’s draft land-use concept actually looks like.

Use your cursor to draw a line around any section of the document you want to comment on and then enter your comment into the pop-up box created.

City Plan screen shot

We’re gathering your input for this round until October 25. Then we’ll go away and see if we can incorporate your comments into those documents. In November we’ll be back with revised policy documents that you can check out and comment on again.

To provide your feedback on these documents, visit The City Plan.

Thank you!