When it comes to planning a city, Tina Turner asks the right question: What’s love got to do with it?

Have you ever walked into a neighbourhood and fallen in love? Maybe it was the look of the buildings, the lush green spaces, the ability to get around easily, or an atmosphere that invited you to explore and connect to people and places. Or maybe you couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was that moved you, but it immediately made you feel at home.

Home is what the new City Plan is all about.

Edmonton is approaching one million residents, and we need to start looking at the next milestone of two million people living in our city. The City Plan will help Edmonton chart how to get to a future city. It’s about our spaces and places and how we move around the city. It’s about our community and what we need to do together to grow, adapt and succeed.  

So why, you’re probably asking yourself, should I care about the City Plan? What do I know about planning a city? Well, a lot, as it turns out. True, you may not know how to build a road or install sewer pipes (or maybe you do), but you do know what you think makes a city like Edmonton great. You know what kind of community you want to live in, and you probably have ideas about what big moves will make a better city in the future.

For example, in plans developed by the City in the 1960s, big moves like preserving the river valley, protecting Old Strathcona from the wrecking ball, and building a light rail transit system were considered vital to the development of the Edmonton of the future; a future that was envisioned to host one million people.

Bike rider downtown

Maybe even more important to you and your family, what are the things that make a neighbourhood great, that connect you with your neighbours and friends? What makes you want to go out and explore our city? Those are the things we want you to identify for the City Plan to make future Edmonton residents love their neighbourhoods as much as you do.

Public engagement starts this fall and it will take two years to develop the City Plan, so you’ll have lots of opportunity to participate. To sign up to receive announcements and our newsletter, please go to http://eepurl.com/dCImGr

For a more complete description of City Plan and why it needs to be developed, visit edmonton.ca/CityPlan.

Let us know here, or by social media @PlanEdmonton, what you think are the important elements of Edmonton that we must protect and maintain in the future? And what are the next big city moves we may need to develop in our city to prepare for the future?