You said how many? 100 in 1 Day Edmonton!

When CITYlab describes its newest initiative to co-workers the initial response has been – “Can I do a project too?” according to Yvonne Pronovost, Principal Planner with CITYlab. “The early excitement has been positive and we keep saying all you need is an idea, a few friends and a spot in your neighbourhood for a small, temporary and safe 100 in 1 Day Project!”

DIYcity - Animate the Alley 2 (1)

100 in 1 Day encourages individual citizens, communities or other groups to take part in simple, temporary, fun placemaking projects on Saturday, June 4th, 2016. The goal to get at least 100 projects across the city. CITYlab and Make Something Edmonton are co-presenting 100 in 1 Day in Edmonton. It builds on the success of last year’s DIYcity which was also a collaboration with Make Something Edmonton which saw 28 placemaking projects around the city.

100 in 1 Day is a global festival of civic engagement that started in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012. This is the first year for Edmonton joining Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver.For CITYlab, 100 in 1 Day connects to our mandate within the City Planning Branch to support placemaking as a tool to engage people in conversation about how cities evolve and connect people to place and to each other” said Pronovost. Chris Gusen and Carmen Douville, who work with Make Something Edmonton, shared that “100 In 1 Day is a chance to showcase authentic stories about why we love Edmonton and share those Edmonton stories beyond the city.”

As Yvonne suggests, “the simpler the better! Placemaking projects could include a chalk mural, a performance with friends, a neighbourhood block party – anything that is small-scale, temporary, safe and light. Maybe there’s a project already in the works or all happening that day – attaching to the 100 in 1 Day initiative gives the project and participants additional profile and helps contribute to Edmonton’s goal of getting 100 projects for the day!” For example, Roots for Trees is already scheduled and excited to post the project as part of 100 in 1 Day.

Examples from last year include the RISE Heart Garden led by Miranda Jimmy which involved people decorating or writing a message on coloured hearts about Truth and Reconciliation and placed on the lawn at City Hall. Or Wesley Andreas’ who painted his own fence and garage with a city skyline and had a lemonade stand to celebrate (see above image).

DIYcity - RISE Heart Garden 4 (1)

And what if there are 100 projects can – CITYlab and Make Something Edmonton visit all of them? “It will be a busy day – the Pride Parade is also happening – but we will try our best!” says Yvonne.