Construction on temporary West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre kicks off this month

Construction on the temporary West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre is scheduled to kick off this month. 

The transit centre is relocating a few blocks north to a portion of the mall’s overflow lot on 90 Avenue at 173 Street during Valley Line West LRT construction.

It will be in operation there for up to six years while the Valley Line West LRT is built. Service at the temporary transit centre is currently scheduled to begin this fall. 

Its location next to the mall means the City can maintain safe, quality transit service to this major destination during construction of the Valley Line West.

A rendering offering bird’s eye view of the temporary transit centre. One westbound lane of traffic on 90 Avenue will be used for bus bays.

Valley Line West LRT construction 

The West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre is one of the busiest in the city. Thousands of transit users rely on it every day to connect to the places they need to go.

Currently located on 87 Avenue just south of the mall, the existing transit centre is a hub that connects west Edmonton to other parts of the city. 

As part of the Valley Line West construction, a large concrete structure called an elevated guideway will be built along the route on 87 Avenue, from 164 Street to 182 Street, to allow the LRT to run above street level near the mall. 

Once the Valley Line West LRT construction is complete, the line will include a new elevated West Edmonton Mall Station integrated with a new transit centre, both in the same location as the current transit centre. 

Construction of the Valley Line West LRT, which will connect Downtown to Lewis Farms, began this year and is scheduled to last up to six years.

Rendering of elevated LRT guideway along 87 Avenue.

While it’s all under construction, the existing transit centre will be impacted. That’s where the West Edmonton Mall temporary transit centre comes in.

Maintaining transit service 

All bus routes that stop at the current transit centre will move to the temporary transit centre. There may be some schedule changes, but those will be shared with ETS customers before the temporary transit centre begins operations this fall.

Last year, the City completed road work on 90 Avenue in anticipation of the increased bus traffic. Pedestrian access to the mall from the temporary transit centre will be via the existing crosslights on 90 Avenue at 175 Street and near 174 Street.

A rendering of the temporary transit centre on 90 Avenue.

Safety, security

The temporary transit centre will include safety and security features just like any other ETS transit centre. 

Some of these features include emergency phones, security cameras and a security office. Patrol Inspectors will also be on site to regularly interact with citizens, Transit Operators and other security personnel.

Interested in knowing more?

A brand new LRT line brings a lot of change to our city. The City is committed to working with Edmontonians to understand impacts and address any concerns for communities along the alignment. You can contact the LRT projects information line at 780-496-4874 (voicemail) or email us at If you’re curious about what’s been happening,check out our  Valley Line West project page for more info.

Editor’s note: the pic at the top of the post is an artist’s rendering showing an overhead view of the planned temporary West Edmonton Mall Transit Centre.